How To Break Negative Patterns On Your Own

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calm.jpg smallLet’s face it; many of us have patterns that don’t necessarily support us in manifesting or living the Life we want to live.  These patterns can be around our financial well being, our health, or relationships.  Let’s take finance as an example; are you the type of person who, the minute you receive your paycheck, goes out and spends on an expensive dinner, nice clothes or other lavish things only to find that half way through the month you need to budget yourself again?  If this is you, it is OK.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this but this pattern might be holding you back from not just financial well being, but total well being (after all, how you do one thing is how you do everything).  So how exactly can this one pattern affect your total well being?  Well, imagine how you feel in the middle of the month when you suddenly have to budget everything.  You might have been living it up the first week, but by the second or third week it can get a little tight.  And unless you have truly mastered your emotions and creative capability, it can become a bit stressful; and this stress affects you day and night until another paycheck arrives.

Another example of having patterns that don’t support us in manifesting or living the Life we want to live may be around relationships.  A personal example of a pattern I had around relationships was something I call a ‘drama hook.’  Everything would be fine and peaceful in the relationship, and I would start feeling ‘bored’ and begin stirring things up unnecessarily.  This is also inherent in business when the owner begins taking huge risks at the company’s stake.

There are also patterns around health that can be brought into light as well:  how often is an excuse cultivated to support us in feeling better when we eat junk food?  Or how many of us use food or alcohol as a means to escape reality?

The most common pattern that I have experienced personally and in working with clients is a pattern of negativity.  This pattern is having a need to gossip about other people, to perpetuate a negative experience by telling others about it, by wallowing in it, and by choosing to stay in it and not focus on anything else.  This pattern affects all areas of our lives as well.  Think about it; how can we be present with work or with our family if we are insisting on thinking about how that woman really made us mad?  The more we focus on it the more we feel it emotionally, and our emotional standpoint is our creative standpoint. Fortunately though, it is a habit that we can train ourselves out of if we took a little time and effort.  So what can we do to begin freeing ourselves from these patterns?

1) Begin laughing

When you notice the habit arising of wanting to be drawn into pity or anger or sulking/wallowing in a situation, do something that makes you laugh immediately.  Look for a funny video on youtube, or go onto and type LOL in the search bar.  Hold your thoughts there for a few minutes.  If you notice your thoughts begin trailing back to the negative patterns, do it again… find something to laugh at.

2) Use the old rubber-band-around-the-wrist technique

This technique is from the book, The One Minute Millionaire and includes putting a rubber band around your wrist.  Whenever you think a negative thought, you must pluck the rubber band… hard.  This is a way of training yourself and your body to not only be aware of negative thoughts, but to begin training yourself out of negative thought patterns.  This can be used for negative thoughts, but it can also be used to train ourselves out of patterns that hinder us.

3) Focus on something that makes you happy

If you are a parent, and you notice you are trailing down the road of a negative pattern, this would be a good time to instead focus on your children, or to focus on a beautiful child.  We could decide to bring our focus to nature, to the trees, the wind and the birds, or we can choose to bring 100% of our focus to whatever we are drinking.  When we consciously choose to focus on something else other than our usual tendency of wallowing in painful experiences and memories, we begin breaking down the pattern and also begin rebuilding a new one.

These practices won’t only help break the pattern, but they do so by rewiring our brain by interrupting the neural network that is firing that has us used to feeling pain, angst and anxiety.  As these neural networks begin breaking down, we open ourselves and make ourselves more available for peace, love and joy…something that we may not have been available for due to our negative binding pattern.

The key here is when you notice a negative pattern coming up, to do these practices as often as you notice the pattern.  This isn’t something you do once and forget about~ it is something you continue to do until the pattern no longer exists.  Some patterns are easy to break and will take a few weeks, others take a little longer.  The point is this:  if you are serious about breaking a pattern then commitment is needed to ensure your own personal success.

If you are unsure of how to break negative patterns you may have, feel free to sign up for a complimentary pitch-free session from one of our facilitators here.


Because Life is Effortless,
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