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Releasing is a technique designed to support people in letting go of limiting belief systems, emotional pain and programming that keeps them from living in peace, harmony and abundance.

When a person centers themselves, and finds themselves in a space of stillness and calm, they can say the words “I Release…” and begin letting go of that which holds them back in life.

    In Releasing, we say the statements out loud to release any stuck energy from the body, mind and metaphysical body.  And this is done by saying the statements outloud.  So first find a comfortable position and still yourself.  Bring your awareness into your body and breathing.  Once you feel still, please say out loud the following Releasing statements around money:

    I release all resistance to where I am right now financially.  I release to be angry with or hate my current position now with money.  I let this go now.  I open myself to know that where I am now is only temporary, and I choose to fully embrace and accept where I am now with complete love so that I can create more money and wealth.  So it is.

    I release all resistance to being broke, or to not have enough money.  I allow myself to just be with it now.  I open myself to know that if I embrace this now, and stop looking at my situation as bad, the energy will transmute and things can change.  I allow myself to accept it now.  So it is.

      I release to make being broke or without money wrong.  I release to feel like where I am right now is bad.  I release all beliefs, agreements and programming that I am a failure if I don’t have enough money.  I let that go and open myself to know that life is full of contrasting experiences so that I can get clear with what I want to create.  I open myself to know that there is no “good” or “bad,” there is just “desired,” and “undesired.”  So it is.

      I release to insist on focusing on, over and over again, how much I don’t have. I release all decisions to focus on scarcity, and I choose now to focus on all the abundance in my life. I open myself to remember that scarcity doesn’t really exist anywhere, but in my mind. So I release it from my mind and I choose abundance. So it is.

      I completely and fully forgive myself for creating this.  I open myself to correct myself without invalidation.  So it is.

      I choose now to heal my relationship with money and my finances.  So it is.

      I release all beliefs, agreements and programming from my parents and 5 generations back that money is evil… that it is bad and that money is hard to make.  I release all beliefs, agreements and programming that money doesn’t grow on trees.  And I release all memories from this lifetime and all other lifetimes of never having enough money or currency.  I let this go now, and I transmute all memories and unwanted energies into pure light… so it is.

      I release to associate money and finance with pain, either emotional, mental or physical pain. I open myself to see that money was never capable of hurting me or those that I love. I let this go and see money and prosperity with new eyes. So it is.

      I choose to put myself in the space of already having that which I want, so that I call it into my experience metaphysically first. And I open myself to have fun with this, and to enjoy the journey. So it is.

        I release all decisions, agreements and programming from this life, the astral life, all other planes and dimensions, and in the output that money is difficult and that money takes hard work and doesn’t come easily. I let this go, and I open myself to remember that I am a powerful creator capable of creating anything I want.  And I choose to remember that all it takes is a simple shift in my focus. I remember this now and shift my focus accordingly. So it is.

        I open myself to fully experience having more than enough money in my life.  I open myself to experience being rich and wealthy, and I allow myself to have it now.  So it is.

        I now rest in abundance, I rest in having enough. I find my stillness in the space of well-being and in being, doing and having more. So it is.



        Because Life is Effortless,


        Jana Moreno

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